What's in your shamisen case/bag/pack?


I thought it would be fun for everyone to share what they carry along with there shamisen when they take it out and about.

For me, I’m never without my small case with koma and extra strings, shinobi koma (sneaky shamisen), my nice and not as nice bachis, a couple yubikakes, shoulder strap for shamisen, Bachido saofuki (represent!), nail clippers, folding floor stand, and a tuner. Wow that seems like a lot. Separately I also bring a folding music stand and a book bag for sheet music and books when needed. I wish I could fit the music in my shamisen case or somehow attach it. I dream of having all the music I’ve managed to collect available on a tablet.

How about you?


I keep two yubikake, my faux bekkou bachi (I used to keep the plastic one in there too but I never use it anymore lol), two or three oyama ryu scorebooks, sometimes the Nitta Ryu one, the Bachido saofuki, a couple koma, a ton of extra strings haha, and often a tuner. It’s the hard case so it gets pretty heavy, so I don’t normally keep my heavier books (like the Wagakki Band scorebook for example) in there. I’d love to get a folding music stand, that’s a great idea.


I don’t travel much with my shamisen… if I do, it’s usually by bike. So I use a soft case that has a very small compartment for other things, unfortunately it also doesn’t close very securely. I usually just put a wooden bachi as backup (and maybe sheet music) in that small compartment. Then I have a separate pouch fitted with a piece of touch material, to safe guard my one and only bekkou bachi. The pouch also carry the koma, yukikake, extra strings, business cards, and pencil.


Where did you get a folding stand case at?