Where should I put strap buttons?

Hello! I’ve got a tsugaru shamisen but unfortunately, it has no strap buttons. I just got some guitar strap buttons from amazon, but before I put them on I wanted to ask where are the best places to put them?

I was thinking maybe putting one under the sao, and the other one on the opposite side right under the doukake, but I want to hear some feedback on which places are the best.

I just tie mine on with two short pieces of leather cord. No way I’m making any holes in it.

Kyle sama made a video :smiley: I am too chicken to do it. But looked it up: Installing Security Locks in Akatsuki! (Shamisen Live!) - YouTube

I figured it out! And yeah I was a little nervous drilling into it but I’ve done woodworking and carpentry before, so I wasn’t too worried about it. I used Jim Dunlop guitar strap buttons that I just got from amazon.

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