Where to buy skins


I’m thinking of building my first shamisen following Kyle’s instructions (the book is on the way).
Regarding materials, I hope to find most of what I need in local stores. I’m from Switzerland, so the choice isn’t huge, but it should be ok.
My big problem concerns the skin: I have no idea where to buy a shamisen skin. I would have preferred using synthetic if possible, but if I can’t find an alternative I’ll go for natural skin.

Do you guys have any website recommendations where I could order skins online? I can’t seem to find anything through google, even searching specific brands (fibersen, ripple).

Should I buy other instrument skins (drum, banjo, etc)? If so, which would you recommend?

In general materials are harder to acquire in Switzerland than in the US. Shamisen are basically nonexistent here, so everything will have to be made or ordered online.

Thank you for your help!!


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Hell Ryan

I would suggest looking on natural vellum parchment or goat drum head skins.

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