Which guitar soft cases fit for shamisen?


Any recommendations for stateside buyer running to Guitar Center for softcase carrying of long necked (Tsegeru excuse spelling) shamisen? External pocket and pictures appreciated…


If you aren’t going to get a shamisen case, I’m wondering if a banjo case might be a better choice. My friend has a banjo and when comparing the overall lengths, I was surprised that they were nearly the same. I grabbed some random banjo soft case off of Amazon (which I am not at all endorsing), and it’s length is 40.5" - roughly 103cm - which is almost exactly the same length as my tsugaru shamisen!

Having said all that, I don’t think I would pack my shamisen in either case, as I would be very worried about damage to the itomaki in a soft case not specifically designed for a tsugaru shamisen. Looking at the soft case at the Bachido store, the top of the case is cut super-wide to accommodate for the outsized tsugaru style itomaki. Image shamelessly stolen and posted here to save you a click:


If it were me I would buy something like the pack case from the Bachido store (same link as above) if I wanted a “soft” case. It’s actually semi-rigid and seems to offer better protection that the full soft case. Plus it’s cheaper and has shoulder straps to boot! Image again shamelessly stolen and posted here:


Thanks–I just found the link to the shamisen cases on Bachido and will explore.

The fabric covers on Bachido beat my pillowcases and clean, converted rice sacks tied with ribbons (people joke at my lute ghosts)…I hope to buy one of the softcases soon.

I have a hard shamisen case but its heavy when I am hopping in and out of the car for a lesson 15 minutes away from me or carrying from one end of house to another.

I have a student flat chikuzenbiwa that did not come apart in a soft case ten years ago from Kotos&More. I was able to find a hard keyboard case in a guitar store that helped ship when I took a plane trip. I’ll check if the soft case for my chikuzenbiwa is long enough for easy carrying from room to room or car to lesson.


Oh yes thank you for inspiration! My Chikuzen Biwa softcase will temporarily be able to transport…just have to remember to carry right plectrum and strings.


An electric bass gig bag might work in a pinch…


Thank you! I seem to remember the electric bass my brother had in a long case was quite long. I had given him a large softcase, so will check the dimensions with him or online. Thanks!