Why do lots of piece not have a tab?


I’m talking, for example, of wagakki band pieces/rin’/other stuff like that. I’m kinda wondering why the distributors don’t provide tabs for not really known artist, or just for artist who do complex works, like for example new age… but also in commercial pop music. They, in the albums, give only lyrics… obviously maybe it’s because the main intent of stars is to focus on image… but for artist such as rin’, for example? Ok that “we” can acquire the notation, but I’m only wondering why…


It isn’t for every song, but actually you can get tabs for a. pretty good amount of modern songs. I know shishido sells them on his site for wagakki band and the Yoshida brothers, and there’s a couple of “all in one” books with modern tabs (like Rokuchounen to ichiya Monogatari and kodo).
Im not sure if the wagakki band tabs are officially licensed, but I think he still has permission to sell them.


Wagakki band does actually have their own band score sheet music. This is all I can get.


Whoaaa that’s awesome :smiley:
I wonder if there’s guitar or shamisen tabs in there too! Maybe both, that’d be even more awesome haha


I think they do, for all their instruments. But, anyone willing to find out? :stuck_out_tongue:


Regarding wagakki band, do you guys mean what pieces in the cd Japan links? And for all the instruments there in the band?


In the description the listed instruments are vocals, guitar, bass, drums, koto, Tsugaru shamisen, shakuhachi and taiko.


Publisher’s website with some sample pages: http://www.ymm.co.jp/p/detail.php?code=GTL01092499

Looks like it is western musical notation (tab for guitar and bass, but not shamisen) and traditional Japanese notation.


Wow thanks so much for finding this!! This is amazing!

The description also specifically lists Senbonzakura as having traditional sheet music (presumably bunka fu for shamisen) in the band members own handwriting, which makes me think it probably doesn’t have it for the rest. Either way this is still really cool haha