Will the shamisen pickup work for the beginner shamisen? Does it have an aux port?


Like the title says, can I use the shamisen pickup on the beginner shamisen and does it include an aux port to say, plug into an amp or something?


i tape a dual piezo to either side of the the koma. You have to use a preamp with a piezo. There is a 1/4 inch jack that goes out to a preamp and then I run it into an amp.

The piezo cost me $25, the preamp was about $60 or so.

Works great.


Can work on any shamisen


Can you recommend the preamp you use? I’m very new to this stuff. And is the preamp attached to the Shamisen or do you have to place it on the ground or something?


I put mine on the ground. This is similar to mine but mine was cheaper.


Here’s one for $27


So you plug the cable into that preamp, and then into an amp? Could I plug it into my Scarlett Solo audio interface to record directly to my PC?