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ShamiCamp: California is been officially confirmed! Get your passes and information at!


We’re celebrating this exciting camp with an epic raffle prize! Starting NOW, collect raffle tickets for a chance to win a FREE Complete Pass ($299+ value!) to ShamiCamp: California! Winner will be announced on JANUARY 1st! Collect your raffle tickets at -

See you at ShamiCamp: California!
Kyle Abbott

It’s gonna be Awesome folks!

Hmm… Let’s say, hypothetically, that I was interested in attending ShamiCamp, and I wanted to buy my pass now and secure my slot, but I also wanted to buy some raffle tickets and have a shot at winning a complete pass. If I won the raffle and already had purchased a pass, would that mean I’d have the pass I’d purchased refunded? Or…?

You’re thinking too much about this Luke.

Ah, that is a valid question. It could be an Abbott-y thing, but I too thought about the possibility of someone caught between wanting to secure their pass or take a shot at the raffle. That’s why the raffle is just from December to January, so there will still be a comfy 4.3 months of time to get tickets and make plans, after the winner has been revealed.

Excellent question!