Workshops at ShamiCamp!

Check out the exciting lineup of workshops at ShamiCamp! -

Note: All workshops include curriculum for all skill levels. (Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced)


Instructor: Aki Takahashi (Ten ten)
Title: Finding Freedom in Min’yo
Aki teaches how to learn and play Min’yo Songs the way she learned it growing up in Japan. Learn how to mimic the melody line and create fun phrases to accompany yourself with shamisen. Discover just how versatile and adaptive Min’yo is!

Instructor: Kevin Kmetz
Title: Classics of Kmetz
It’s time to learn some sweet licks! Kevin will teach phrases to classical songs (like Brahms’ Hungarian Dance No. 5) and original pieces. He will conclude his workshop by sharing ways players can infuse personal flavor into their shamisen, making one’s own unique sound come alive!


Instructor: Mike Penny
Title: Chop Building 101
From comping with chords and world rhythms to fun-to-play melodies and CHOP BUILDERS! Also, Mike will share tried-and-true training techniques for increasing your skill level!

Instructor: Reigen Fujii
Title: Cocktail Hour
Reigen will teach cyclic chords and scales, with extra focus on ‘groove’ for advanced players. Workshop concludes with everyone playing “Isn’t She Lovely” together!


Instructor: Kyle Abbott
Title: Appalachian Roots
Kyle will be leading everyone through a classic Appalachian fiddle tune; complete with chords, solos and etiquette for playing together. Workshop concludes with an old time shami-jam session!

Instructor: Masahiro Nitta
Title: Nitta Ryu Attack
Masahiro will be teaching fundamentals of his family’s shamisen style. Instruction will consist of basic and advanced bachi technique, how to beautify phrases, cleanly combining techniques, and more. Much wisdom to gain for all skill levels. Workshop concludes with a Jonkara Jam!

Sweet licks! Haha!

This is the time of the year where I wish I could be there :frowning:

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Well now you don’t have to see my ugly mug during sessions, which would surely distract even the best player. So it’s my good deed.