Yahoo auction instrument


Just received the instrument bought at Yahoo Japan, the one I have posted the pictures before, trying to identify the type. It is indeed the midsize neck, ippon-mizo. Body size (on skin level) is 205 x 187 x 98 mm. Was used as beginner tsugaru most likely. Looks like kouki to me.
Seems to be a factory made. Both sides needed to be re-skinned.
Can anybody translate the markings on the inside? Just curious.
image image image


The writing on the inside of the dou relate to either the skinning or maker.

The first picture has the shop information.

旭川市 - Asahikawashi

大昭楽器店 - Taishou or Daishou Gakkiya

The shop is still active. Here is the website.

The third picture is a date.

Heisei Ni-Nen (Second year of the Heisei Period, which would be 30 years ago)
Ni-gatsu (February)
Kichijitsu (Unspecified Day)

I’d surmise that’s the skinning information.

The second picture is a sticker with the shop information and phone number.


Thanks for the translation. So the instrument itself quite old but looks like new and never used. It seems to be a very high quality instrument from the way it build.