Yoshiwara Lament tabs

Hello everyone,
I am searching for some tabs of Yoshiwara lament, because I have some real trouble with the normal notation and after trying some time to change it into tabs ( which is kind of impossible for me ^^)7 ), I`m asking for some help on this matter.

So if anyone has the tabs and is willing to share, I would really appreciate it, even if someone just knows where to get it, it would be really helpfull.

Hey there.

Do you have an audio file / youtube video of the song or some “raw“ notation?

Hey Jan,
I am trying to use these:

Just the shamisen part in wagakki band, or the vocal melody?

Just the shamisen part is enough ^^

I don’t know the song, but I am curious to how you tune your shamisen to playing this song? Because later on the shamisen part basically go below the lowest C (if tune to C-G-C). Because of the high pitch in the solo, it’s also not quite possible to tune it lower.

Btw, this musescore sounds ok but the notation is badly written, it is really hard to read for.

Hey, sorry for the late reply.
Yeah, after some learning to read notation I came across the same problem. I somehow managed to pull of the first part but for the rest I cant say the same.