Yubikake Collection ^_^

Hey Everyone!

So I’m still out luck with earning money for a shamisen -____- If I had the money- best believe I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Anywho, in the process I made a whole bunch of yubikake via crochet.
So check them out and tell me what you think :slight_smile:
My favorite is the pokeball one of course! lol

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Here is another picture of the pokeball yubikake :slight_smile:

wow cool I just started carving my first koma so maybe I will end up with a collection of komas by the time I get my first shamisen just like you are doing very well with yubikakes :slight_smile: guess we could trade then when we got the instruments to use these things on . . .

@BH-san thank you! and most definently- message me and keep in touch if you ever want to trade. I will need koma when I actually get my shamisen. I would be honored to trade :slight_smile:

will do and thanks . . . although you surely wouldn’t want to trade one of your yubikakes with what came out of the first koma attempt I just did :slight_smile: absolutely though I am looking forward to keeping at it and posting pictures I will definitely need some time though for a first serious one . . . :slight_smile:

LOL well then I can’t wait. Its you art and I will appreciate it. I want to see pictures of the koma you make because I’m curious at the process of making them

but do you know if any koma can fit any shamisen or are there different sizes? because I want a nagauta shamisen and wonder if there is a certain koma that must go with it?

I know there are different materials used for komas to affect the basic sound of the shamisen a bit in different ways and there are different heights for different playing feel preferences and also affecting the overall loudness of the instrument a little as far as I know - other than that I guess there are different komas for different types of shamisen but this is really a question for those who know more than me . . . :slight_smile:

Yeah I guess I will just ask around lol

but BH- san if I only knew the measurements of a koma I would start crocheting “Koma Kozys” LOL

Very stoked on your Yubikake bro! I like the master ball one too! It’s awesome!
I weave straps for instruments, and hopefully one day I plan to make them for Bachido members!
I too am interested in seeing your Koma! Please share when you’ve got a couple!

I want the Pokeball one! My mom crochets maybe I could have her make me one…

@Grant thank you! thats awesome too that you make straps. I actually saw these beautiful straps on some shamisen websites in Japan that have like a tassle and attaches to the ito maki and the bottom part of the dou that holds the neo. I’d love to get one of those

@Chris thank you and yeah they aren’t hard to make

Awesome Yubikake man! You’ll certainly be prepared for when you get a shamisen! :smiley: The red-white looks awesome.

Thank you Kyle-san! :slight_smile:

These look great. Do you sell them?

You should, Jeremiah! :slight_smile:


These look awesome! Would I be able to get a pattern for one of these? I’ve seen the knitted one around but I don’t know anyone who knits.