Yukiko Tsukioka, Sara's song from Samurai Champloo, more recent information?

Yukiko Tsukioka sings Sara’s song from the anime Samurai Champloo: https://youtu.be/aVEm0UTD4d8 .

According to this old blog post, she “studied the recordings of the “last of the Goze’”, Haru Kobayashi and Shizu Sugimoto, and even walked a pilgrimage of all 88 temples of Shikoku island to understand the harsh life of these traveling performers”: https://celestialkitsune.wordpress.com/tag/tsukioka-yukiko/

Apart from a few YouTube videos from 10 years ago, I have not seen any other information on Yukiko Tsukioka. Does anyone have any additional, perhaps more recent, information on her work?

Might anyone know how she spells her name in Japanese?

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This is her website, I believe.



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