3D printed Shamisen?

Here it is, the first prototype of my 3D printed Shamisen. It needs some modifications (currently working on those).

The Sao needs to be thinned out. Where the Sao connects to the Dou needs to be raised. A notch needs to be put in on the Tenjin for the bit of metal that rests there. The Koma may need to be widened a little with notches added in for the strings. Lastly, the Itomaki need to be angled. Also a split Dou connected with bolts may benefit the sound and is being considered.


It is printed on my AnyCubic Chiron at 0.2 mm layer heights in 3D Solutech silver and black PLA filament at 205c on the hot end and 60c on the build plate. It has a 25% gyroid infill to assist with resonance.

I am going to try resin printing for the Bachi as well as epoxy resin casting to see which works better.

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WOAH!! this is MAD cool!! how does it sound/feel? :smiley:

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The instrument was strung with fishing line, since I do not have any strings yet, so it did not have the best of sound. But it did sound pretty good. I am modifying the design to correct some issues and I plan to print it out of wood filament (the plastic contains 40% wood) to see if it has a better tone. Overall, it felt and sounded like it was made of plastic.

EDIT: I also need to reprint the Itomaki, as two broke when my toddler knocked it over

Though I would say that for the $50 in materials it cost to make, it could be good for practice.

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