A three-day course on Japanese music in Kyoto


Patrick, sorry for the delay in replying.
Formatting dissolves here, so if you give me your email address I can send you the schedule as an attachment.
Basically, the content is the same for all participants.
August 15: Overview, gagaku, shomyo, jiuta-sokyoku
August 16: Shakuhachi, biwa, joruri
August 17: kabuki music, naniwa-bushi, folk
Mini recitals (15-20 minutes) of shomyo, jiuta, koto, shakuhachi, biwa, shamisen, kokyu are interspersed between the lectures.



Hello! I’m wondering if someone will take pictures/videos of this fantastic work,I can’t come to Japan (I’m underage!)

Hi Sakura, yes we will record the whole course!


What specific things will you do in the course? For example, for koto, will you try to make people learn a sokyoku piece? I don’t know… just rambling


And I’d love to know the instructors’ names!


Hi Alison!

I would be interested to get the schedule by e-mail. Could you send it on my Bachido mail please?


Also I would love to have the schedule, even if I can’t go there


Is the course going?


It was on August 15th to 17th, Sakura.


Just didn’t remember… anyway, how was it? What were your feelings? What have you done there?


I really wish I was able to go, but I can’t afford to go. I would love to go someday. The Shamisen camp in Berlin looked so fun!