[AC:NH] K.K. Jongara

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I tried notating again on MuseScore, several crashes later and we’re here. I’m not quite sure about the half notes and the dotted ones too though.

Oh! It starts out on 3/4, then at 136 BPM it changes to 4/4. After that, it changes to 2/4 right under the D.S. and back to 4/4 at 136 BPM…

For some reason, the time signatures will not show.

Also, could somebody link me to a notation program for Shamisen please? I tried this but am unable to reach it.

Maybe this?

Omg, thanks! I’m going to go try it out!

Hello guys!
I don’t know if it can help you, but on YouTube I found this: here plays the song in its full version

while here he explains how to play it, although unfortunately he speaks everything in Japanese ^^"