Auto scrolling shamisen music app?


Wondering if any one has come across some sort of auto scroller for shamisen music… That lets me input notes for my own songs… Then scrolls thru the app (similar to what Kyle’s tutorials do). Would be a plus if it’s sound activated… So it knows where I am in the piece…

I don’t thibk it exists but wanted to ask.

I know there’s that aibiki app, but it doesn’t allow input.


Never came across such application in the last years… I am just sad that Karl’s Composer is no longer working because I would eventually need to write down my own versions of pieces for my workshops. People seems to be really into having it written down somewhere but not everyone can read music. And the result would be better than writing it by hand.

Let’s see if anyone has new infos about applications and programs that can help our Bachido family members getting more and more into the learning and the sharing of shamisen repertoire.


I use Finale to write and listen to the result ! Very easy !


You can get tabs with 3 lines?


Yes and you can even program the half tones between the numbers ( 2 between 3 and 4 for example)


Here is an example with Nitaboh : For the sound, I use a sampler (for example Kontakt) for the playback and I open shamisen audio samples thru Kontakt in Finale. I have a really close feeling of the final rendition with the shamisen.