Bachido ShamiCamp: Master's Course to Fundamentals

Want to learn shamisen skills, meet other shamisen enthusiasts and visit Japan? Now you can do all three! ShamiCamp returns to Japan for the third time!

Kyle founded the first ShamiCamp in Tokyo and since then, he has been constantly evolving the camp to bring the best experience for the participants. Their main goal is sharing knowledge and developing bonds within the international shamisen community.

This is the 5th ShamiCamp in it’s series. The theme of this camp is very similar to the 2017 ShamiCamp in Tokyo, which was the most successful camp yet. Participants will learn the most fundamental techniques as well as every technique’s subtleties which are often unknown by even experienced shamisen players! What’s more, all participants will learn mini-songs specially composed for the purpose of practicing the fundamentals (Each song crafted to highlight each technique) in a unique ensemble format.

The Instructors

The instructors of ShamiCamp are three dignified shamisen instructors who all strive to bring shamisen to the whole world. These inspiring teachers can’t wait to share their knowledge and support your enthusiasm of shamisen!

Where else can you learn from positive, high-level instructors in a fun atmosphere with a group of fellow shamisen enthusiasts?

Are all skill levels welcomed at ShamiCamp?

Short answer: Yes! There’s nothing more exciting than learning from high-level instructors, and along with passionate shamisen enthusiasts! All the instructors at ShamiCamp are warm, supportive and eager to help you learn as much as possible.

To allow for the smoothest lesson experience, it’s recommended to have a basic ability with shamisen. I.e, have completed and understood the Bachido Crash Course, and have at least a minimal comfort with techniques such as hajiki, sukui, and uchi.


Sapporo Lifelong Learning Research Center Chieria
1条-1-1-10 西区宮の沢 Sapporo, Hokkaido 063-0051, Japan


Here’s some nearby hotels!

And a youth hostel -


May 11th to 12th

Start/End: 11 AM / 7 PM (Time may change)

Tickets available here!

Early Bird Special: Purchase your tickets by April 20th to receive 20% discount AND MP3 download of the mini-songs taught at ShamiCamp three weeks before the event! (Highly recommended for those who want to prepare beforehand)**

In the rather small shamisen world where it’s rare to meet local shamisen players, ShamiCamp is a very special time to enjoy the company of other excited shamisen enthusiasts while learning many great instructors. If you’ve been studying shamisen and are excited to meet other shamisen enthusiasts, then it’s time to join your friends at ShamiCamp: Sapporo!

Check out videos of the most recent ShamiCamp! (2017 - Tokyo)

(Day One)

(Day Two)


At the moment I can’t tell if I’ll be able to make it… There are a few things at work and another project I am working on for which I am not sure when this will happen.

Finger crossed ! But at this very moment, I am a bit pessimistic about being present to the Shamicamp… Let’s see what 2019 has in store in the next months. Who knows what can happen in 5 months !


Finally I will physically be able to make it to one of these!

So excited! :smiley:

Yaaaaaaay!!! :smiley: That would be super awesome!!

My finger’s are crossed too, Jazz! :slight_smile:

Tickets are available here!

OMG could be very nice to be there. Not sure if I can but I’ll try :slight_smile:

Question about buying the tickets: it gives the option for will call or mobile delivery, presumably you don’t have actual paper tickets, so if I chose will call I just show up and you can see I’ve paid for the event?

Hi Harrison!
Oh yeah, Will Call would be the best. It’s such a small event, so you won’t need any proof when you show up. After you send the payment, I’ll know you’re coming and so all you’ll need is your shamisen. :slight_smile:

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Awww, I’m sad to say I can’t make it to ShamiCamp. :frowning: