Biwa for sale!!


So I finally found some great biwa specimens at online auctions. I bid on the 3 I liked best and in an amusing turn of events I won all 3. I don’t need 3 biwa so I’ll sell 2 of them on here at cost. I’m not looking to profit on this. If someone is interested I’ll send pictures of the 2 I’m selling. They are all in good working order and they need no repairs to be playable. I thought I’d give the good deal to this community first and if there is no interest then I’ll sell online for a profit.


Hi Derik,

Do they come with bachi?


And how much will you sell it?


No bachi I’m afraid. I play pipa and I’ll use the nails for the biwa too. This one is $1700.


It’s kind of pointless without the bachi…if you want to play it properly that is.


Bachi are easy to find online though. I came accross plenty of bachi during my search.


I could buy a bachi and add it to the package, but then I’d just be adding that cost into the price, so I figured anyone buying the biwa might as well select the bachi he/she prefers online.


Specifically bachi for biwa? I think the one you posted was a Chikuzen biwa. So, it should be a proper bachi for that type. Not trying to dissuade your sale, just being honest.


Yeah, here are some links:


Yes, that’s helpful for the buyer! Hope the biwa finds a good home! :wink:


For anyone reading this, I’ll reduce the price to $1,200 since I don’t have the bachi for it and I really need the cash.


Here’s the link to see pics of the other biwa: