Can someone make me a notation for a specific song?


Hello everyone! I was wondering if one of you awesome people could do me a HUGE favour? I found an amazing Tsugaru Jonkara Bushi Kyu by Takahashi Chikuzan. It is NOT the same as the one on Bachido schoolhouse otherwise I wouldn’t be asking. :slight_smile:
It is a very slow song but I am not yet at that level where I can just make notation by listening to it. I am more than happy to compensate you for your time as well as I’d send you the song from Itunes.




Could you send me the link of the piece? I will have a listen. If there’s no video, it’s in generally pretty hard to get it very accurately (moistly on string / stroke).


Hey thank you for the reply!!

I will send it to you later today after work. There is no video but the tune is very slow. I feel like maybe in a year or so of practice I’d be able to do it myself so I’m pretty sure it would be easy for you.

Thanks again!



Hey what is your email address? I cannot find it on youtube so I’ll gift you the album from ITunes.



Could you have a listen to a song I found? I tried asking my music instructor for help with notations but she had a hard time. I’d really appreciate it.


Message me the link, I can have a listen.


The website wouldn’t let me post the link on this message so I put a space between the first / and the second / at the beginning of the link. if you could copy and paste thm together that’d be great!

https:/ /

This is the link to the video. It’s a very simple song but I can’t figure out the notes. Thank you for listening to it!:grinning: My apologies for the complication.


It’s Nitaboh. I’m pretty sure Kevin Kmetz uploaded the score here in the site !

Edit : here is the link to the post : Nitaboh song tab


Thank you so much for posting the tab @Patrick_Younes!