Details on the Bachido Festival! (May 6th)


Hello everyone! Details are finally confirmed for the Bachido Festival!

The Sapporo International Shamisen Festival
(The Bachido Festival!)
Tuesday, May 6th


10:00 Bachido Workshop & Lessons with Nitta Oyako
12:00 Lunch
13:00 The Bachido Taikai! (Details below)
14:30 Concert
Concert features
Nitta Oyako
Yamamoto Yumiko (Singer)
Team Bachido (Kita no Hibiki)
Kevin Kmetz
Monsters of Shamisen

15:45 Judging Announcements (For Bachido Taikai)
16:00 Finish!
19:00 Bachido Tour Final Party!

The Bachido Taikai

Solo Division (completely original pieces!)

The Unique Award
The Impact Award
The Power of Expression Award
The Adlib Award
The Powerful Award
The Intention Award
The Good Attitude Award
The Hokkaido Minyo Class Award

Utazuke Division (completely original pieces)

Three Omigoto awards will be given!

Please RSVP your attendance! Hope to see you there!

Bachi on!!!

Kyle Abbott & Nitta Masahiro


Here’s an extra bit of fun for the Bachido Festival!

Nitta san wonders if members would like to perform a jonkara piece he has composed called Sakura Jonkara. For a jonkara piece, it’s simple enough that beginners/intermediate players can join in.

Here is the piece. Give it a listen and see if you are interested. :slight_smile:

This is Side 1

And this is Side 2

We will all play Kita no Hibiki anyway, so this would be some extra performing time for anyone who wants to.

I’m in! :slight_smile:


I would want to join but I’m having trouble memorizing Kita no Hibiki as it is :8


Any sheet music available for Sakura Jonkara?


I am not going to the festival, but if there is sheet music available for Sakura Jonkara I would like to have a copy just so I can play the song. I really wish I could go but I am too young and it costs too much to go to Japan so maybe in the future I can go there and play with all of the wonderful members of team bachido.


Question: Can non-members see this forum? I’d like to show a Japanese shamisen friend this poster, as he might be interested in going. Can I send him a link to this page? Or is this poster available on another publicly viewable link?


Joe, I think some non-members can see and some can’t. But if you just save the poster’s image to your own computer/laptop, you can then attach that image to an email/text, etc and send it to your friend, and then he’ll be able to see it for sure.


Hi guys! Unfortunately, there’s no notation for Sakura Jonkara. It would have to be learned by ear, unless somebody composed it with the Shamisen Composer. :slight_smile:

Joe, yesh! Non-members can see the forum, though registration is required to post. :slight_smile:


Mina san! Some important news from Nitta san regarding the Tour of Team Bachido! Many thanks to Adrian for translating in my absence.

Hey there everyone~

This year we have decided to participate in the HIROSAKI SHAMISEN TAIKAI!

First off, we have a simple set of dates and info, with more detailed info to follow.

MAY 2ND - Gather in MISAWA, meet each other, practice
MAY 3RD - Head to HIROSAKI, individual performances
MAY 4TH - Group performance
MAY 5TH - Members not headed to SAPPRO part ways, members headed to SAPPORO travel up on this day

As a note, we have begun to create the solid and final list of members who will be participating as part of Team Bachido. So please, if you wish to participate, be sure to let us (Abbott Kyle or Nitta Masahiro) know ASAP!! As of now, we anticipate having about 30 members who wish to participate. The deadline for signing up is MARCH 10; please decide and let us know of your attendance BY THAT DATE.

We are currently in planning for an exciting event up in SAPPRO!
Ideas for events so to have far are to include a concert/performance, group rehearsal, and group performance.

For Team Bachido members who would like to come along after the TAIKAI, we are planning to take a ferry departing from HACHINOE for SAPPORO at 1PM on MAY 5TH. We will be arriving at TOMAKOMAI (HOKKAIDO) around 8-8:15PM.

On the evening of arriving in SAPPRO, members will stay at an Inn. As it stands, we will hold the festival on MAY 6TH. Should any updates come along, we will notify everyone.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do feel free to contact us.


In case anyone’s wondering about getting back to Tokyo afterwards, there are plenty of flights between Sapporo and Haneda, the more convenient of Tokyo’s airports. I just made my return flight reservation for the 7th, and right now they seem to average around ¥11,000 for both JAL and ANA.

Get to it, people!


So what is everyone’s plans for after the festival?

I booked my flight to Japan before the festival date was moved so I have a couple of days free after the festival. My flight home leaves Tokyo around noon on the 12th of May.

I’m trying to figure out what to do the last couple of days. Should I stay in Sapporo or should I go to Tokyo early?

I travel alone so without someone to hang with in Tokyo it might be hard to find out what to do. I don’t really know anyone yet but just thought I’d let you guys know that if you have time and going back to Tokyo it would totally rock to hang out and see some sights.


I’m planning to attend the festival!! I guess that means I need to practice…


Ok so is anyone staying in Sapporo after the 6th? I’ think I’ll leave on the 8th some time…so if if anyone wants to party with some random guy they dont know let me know! lol


Ladies and gentlemen attending the International Shamisen Festival,

As many of us know, a Bachido-themed festival has been dreamed about since Bachido was started three years ago. We (especially I) was imagining a festival featuring workshops, demonstrations, and such a free flowing festival where people can wander around and meet others. Later on, the plan was changed a bit to feature a fun and open-style taikai. To have a workshop, Bachido taikai and Nitta Oyako concert.

Well, since coming to Japan, I found that Nitta san may have had a misunderstanding with the word “Festival” and somehow forgotten all the plans we originally had. Taking the Japanese meaning of the word ‘festival’, Nitta san has made basically a two hour concert. Opposite to what I had thought we mutually felt the festival should be.

We met yesterday and had a lot of discussion about it and managed to make some changes.

Long story short, the Bachido Taikai/Party will be held in Misawa on May 2nd @ 6pm at the auditorium near Kevin’s house! There will be no audience nor judging, just a intimate gathering among us to inspire each other. This will be great, as everyone who’s planning to go to the festival is also going to Misawa, so nobody will be missing out! :slight_smile:

Also, we will still hold a workshop in Sapporo right after the International Shamisen Festival (5pm). Kevin and I will be the main teachers, as well as Nitta san if he can. Entering the festival and the workshop are free for Bachido members, all we just need to do is split the cost of renting the room for the workshop - 2000 yen per person. The workshop will be held in the same location as the festival, so renting the space for two more hours will be much more convenient and safe if it’s cold or raining outside. Doable for two hour workshop! :slight_smile:

Afterwards, there will still be the afterparty as previously planned!

One note about Team Bachido appearing at the festival. Nitta san asks if anyone would like to play Ninjari Ban Ban as well as Kita no Hibiki on stage? No pressure to join if you’d prefer not to. :slight_smile:

My apologies for the sudden change. Admittedly I didn’t have much input on the festival planning, trusting that Nitta san had the same vision I did. Fortunately though, everything has been corrected so we will all get to enjoy a fun Bachido taikai/party in Misawa, and inspiring workshop and fantastic show in Sapporo!

Bachi on!
Kyle Abbott


Looking forward to this even more now! Though I don’t have much to bring to the table…But still looking forward for some fun jams!


Sorry I missed this earlier. There will be a couple of people (including myself) sticking around in Sapporo post-fest for a few days.