From Shamimaster

Hi everyone , nice to meet to you.
I’m a shamisen player and teacher in shinjuku ,Japan.
I have a oyama style master grade lisence, so if I can help,
ask anything about minyo, yoshida brothers,insturuments.
All matters.
I will publish yoshida brothers and agatuma hiromitu’s shamisen tab score
and western notation this year.

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Wow this is great! I’m excited for the agatsuma and yoshida brothers tabs.

I’m looking forward to the tabs, its great to hear from more Shami experts! thankyou

Welcome! I asked in another thread earlier today what we need to do to get more experienced players to come here. I guess one thing was to wait a couple of hours :smiley:

I’m also excited about the tabs and hope you will participate in all the nice discussions here!

Shamimaster Toshi-san from Kumiya-san’s Japanese Lounge Night!
いらっしゃいませ. I’m sure everyone will be happy to have your expertise in this forum. (And for those who might be interested to know this, Shamimaster Toshi also plays koto and sanshin. :slight_smile: )

Please give my regards to Kumiya-san when you see her.

How active thead! Thanks all!
The song list plan is Kodo Storm Kakusei(hayate) Yuu(agatsuma) and Jonagar kyokubiki of agatuma. I think it’s epoch making in Tsugaru jamisen world!

Toshi san, it’s great to have you here! As I told you in email, I would go to your site to learn the kanji for shamisen related words. So it’s special to have you part of Bachido. :slight_smile:

Welcome welcome!

Welcome Toshi!

Really looking forward to “Yuu” by Agatsuma!
Awesome track

Its a privilege to have you in the Bachido community Toshi-san! Looking forward to your future posts.

Thank you for becoming a part of Bachido. I am so excited to learn from you and I look for to your tabs!

Hi Sensei! Glad to see you on here. This site is part of what helped me build up the resolve to find you.

Thanks All! I wouldn’t think I can meet a student of mine here:)

This is so awesome :-)))
Waiting for Yuu also but first Storm :wink:

Welcome Toshi it’s good to have you here

I have 8 pages of Kakusei ( 覚醒 替手) score tab but cannot tell which one is the backing part and not. So when trying to follow youtube video I get lost after the second page, anyone experience with Kakusei score tab?

I think this is the version I wrote it.Please e-mail me to

I do not know if you wrote this version, but I will e mail you anyways as I am looking for senboku nikata bushi, as you might have the score sheet for that, will see how mucht that cost