Hello I am new to this Community

Hello, I just ordered my Beginners Shamisen and am looking forward to its arrival which I believe can take up to two months currently under Covid shipping restrictions.
When I paid for my Shamisen I don’t know if there were any International taxes or shipping charges added. I am waiting for the quote on the "Beginners Pack/Bachi and /Bridge?"and am truly looking forward to learning to play this instrument.

Welcome Keiko!

I remember shipping not being that bad on the Beginner’s Shamisen, though I don’t remember exactly how much it cost, and I never had to pay any import tax, though that can vary depending on your location (I’m in the Pacific Northwest of the USA).

Regarding shipping times during COVID, 2 months seems like the standard, though when I ordered accessories it took almost exactly 3 months; this was most likely due in part to the fact that the shipping period spanned the holiday season, though, so it will probably take a little less time now.

When it does arrive, I think you’ll quite like it. I’ve been playing mine for a little over two and a half years now and I quite like it. I ordered a Raven a few months ago, but even when it arrives I expect to play them both going forward.

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