How to keep my Shamisen in good condition?

Hello it’s been a while since I posted on here. I have a question about what weather conditions are fine for my Shamisen?

I have used my Shamisen here in California where it is not humid or too hot and it is kept in the shaded part of my room. I also make sure to rap it with my washi bag after each use or session.

The problems is, that I will be going back to my dorms in Philippines and the weather is known to be hot from 75 to 89 degrees and always humid. I was wondering if this will be bad for my Shamisen? If so should I leave it at my home in America or is there anyways I can store it to reduce damage to the hide?

Japan is extremely hot and humid in the summer so there has to be a way.

It depends on what kind of material you have on your dou. If it’s hibiki I am pretty sure humidity will not affect it whatsoever. If it’s dog skin then I’d recommend you introduce it to the weather gradually in order for the skin to remain tight. I only have ripple so I am rely just guessing. Weather in Japan, especially during the summer is super hot and humid so it should be a fairly easy research.