Just Got My First Faux Bekkou Bachi...


Nitta-San really picked a winner, my tone is actually way better already.
If you’re on the fence and can manage it, please get one of these and see for yourself!
Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s back to playing…


Awesome!! Glad you received it, Ian!! :smiley: Those Faux Bekkou Bachi are really something else. I can only imagine that as synthetic technology improves, the tone quality and strength is going to keep increasing!
Hai, please don’t let us interrupt you. Happy shredding!


Yes. Nitta san is good at picking the best bachi! Can’t wait to get mine back or a new one now.


need 50% discount to buy one its so expensive !!! and only to enjoy my 900€ shamisen… please let me know when sales are coming
its really frustrating when you think you can play and now you read this
: Plastic Bachi プラスチック撥 (BA-P)
Hardness level: 8.
Reccomended only for trying shamisen with little investment, or if you need an ice scraper. Unfortunately, it is difficult to use and can make the shamisen experience less enjoyable.

so tell me is it a japanese joke ? ice scraper really i bought an ice scraper with my 900€ shamisen ?

rage level 10000000000000


Maybe listing the bachi with the Rage Level rather than the Hardness Level might be a better idea lol


need 50% discount …
rage level 10000000000000

Hi Chemsa,

A standard plastic bachi has less flexibility than a bekkou (or faux bekkou); which means it’s a little more difficult to play with, and may put greater stress on your wrist. The sound is also a little less pleasant, althought in the beginning most sonic differences will get lost in technique difficulties.

The ice-scrapper thing is very much just a joke. They’re not nearly so durable.