Kyary Pamyu Pamyu knows about us!


Connor, If you like the same kind of artist as Kevin, you should also look for Poppy!


Oh Yeah! I had the best time ever playing Shamisen Poppy covers with Jazz (Jacinthe ) recently!


Poppy? I heard of them


Sakura, I actually agree with you about Kyary’s voice. She has the worst singing voice. Her singing is So Bad!!! Actually her producers have gotten quite good at auto tuning her voice recently so now it’s not so noticeable. But in some of her early songs especially Tsukematsukeru, you can hear her singing off pitch. It’s quite hilarious because it’s kind of made to be a little too obvious, in my opinion. However, for those of us who love Kyary it actually works to her advantage. To us Kyary fans, it helps to create authentic Kawaii art. It’s similar to when you watch a 3 year old try to sing. Surely compared to a master singer, they will be out of tune or off pitch but that just makes it more adorable. In fact it’s kind of one point of all of it. A part of Kyary’s genius is that even as an adult she has managed to keep a certain kind of magic that to 99% of adults is Lost somewhere along the road to “adulthood.”


Sorry. Now I’ll say something unpopular. Why is she singing if she has a really BAD voice, worse than a 4 year old kid? Nothing about the kids, lol…


:slight_smile: that is harsh . . .


What do you mean?

Here is my full story of how I came to cover Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s songs on Shamisen. Enjoy and cheers!


I almost forgot about this, that article is amazing! Haha
I love the self actualization process as you learn to embrace the kawaii :stuck_out_tongue: I agree it took some getting used to but hey it’s fun and worth it! I especially can’t get enough of ninjari bang bang, both the original and bachido versions.


and still one of my favorite clips and one of those great cover versions that make sense for being both good and different from the original :slight_smile:


I’ll read this article! Not now… later


Thanks Sakura & Thank you BH. I appreciate that very much. Ian, haha! Cheers! Hope to play Ninjari ban ban with you sometime.


Sure thing! Haha :smiley:
If all goes according to plan I’ll be studying in Tokyo next year, I’ll have to make a trip up to Misawa to hold you to that! :stuck_out_tongue:


Has someone tried to cover mottai nightland?


There is a song I would like to suggest you. I think it’s by Kyary. IDK the title… but the lyrics contains “I love you” three-four times in the refrain. What song is it?


Suki Sugite Kiresou ?


Please send me a video so I can verify