Kyary Pamyu Pamyu knows about us!

Hey everyone!

For new Bachido members this might sound a little strange but for those Bachido members who have been here for at least three or four years you probably remember the obsessive streak I used to have when it comes to creating Shamisen covers of songs by J-Pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. I’ve practically covered every song she has ever released with my own arrangements for futozao Shamisen and even got the entire Bachido gang in on the Kyary action the year we all went to the Hirosaki Tsugaru Shamisen tai Kai for the first time as Team Bachido!

Well I today I have BIG NEWS. This afternoon I attended a seminar by Matsuda Sebastian who is the art director for Kyary and has created all her outfits and sets for her music videos as well as her concert stage set up and album artwork. When he got to the Q&A part at the end I stood up and asked him if he was aware of and/or ever watched the various Shamisen covers of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu by me and bachido members?
His answer was one of the most epic things anyone has ever said to me. He answered that he has seen me quite a lot on YouTube playing Kyary songs and that he and Kyary have actually spent quite a bit of time scrolling through my videos and have even seen the group ones (Which means Kyle Abbott and the gang)!

So today was a day that will forever go down in my life as the day I found out that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu knows all about me and bachido etc. Now if only she will offer me a job playing Shamisen for her! Haha! Yeah!

That is amazing!!! I remember we used to joke about her watching them, but the fact that she actually did, that’s crazy!!!
Hey, you never know! The fact that she spent time watching them is incredible. If she sees that you really know her stuff and nailing her songs, you know, at this stage I wouldn’t be surprised if you got an official invitation in the mail!!

Congratulations, man!! What a way to wrap up the year!!

Yahoo, OMEDETO~. Happy for you, Shami Kami.
Keep on Pamyu-Pamyu-ing!

I assume this means we’ll all be invited to be part of the Opening Ceremony in 2020, playing backup to Prime Minister Pamyu.


Nice! You know, Kevin, the other day I was trying to think of what the true meaning of awesome might be and now I do believe that I have found my answer. AWESOME!
Major gig action on the way no doubt!!

As I tell everyone about how I started to play shamisen at the Shamicamp in Tokyo last June, shamisen has something magical.

Nice, some day you guys will be jamming with キャリー!

very cool indeed.

Victory! We’re famous!

Wooohooo, Congrats, Kevin! Why WOULDNT she watch your videos is actually more my question! (I would also bet dollars to donuts that Lady Gaga has seen the Pokerface video.) :slight_smile:

We just made our own KYARY SONG VIDEO from Denver Colorado with our original recording and video at featuring Lola and Veronica- please enjoy

PS it stars Lola (9) and Veronica (12)- real Kawaii kids…

Ha in style . . . :slight_smile:

Glad you liked— more to come—N, L, and V

Cool! That was Great! Nice job with the video! Enjoyed it very much!

Oh jeez man you’re so lucky I’m a kyaru fan too. YOU’RE SO AWESOME KEVIN!!

Oh Cool! A fellow Kyary fan! YEEEAAAAHHHH!!!

Yeah, but do you imagine Kevin playing in Kyary’s concert! It’ll be really great!

I know also Kyary, and honestly I don’t like her voice, but her music is something like fairyland