Large Online Collection of Traditional Music



I was trying to transcribe a melody for one of the obon dances from a crappy recording. Finally decided to look to see if I could find sheet music anywhere, I stumbled onto this. Don’t know if people would find it particularly useful, but it is a massive collection of folk melodies transcribed into western notation from the turn of the century (one of three such collections made between 1890 and 1920, from what research I can find - Nagai and Kobutake did a similar one in the 1890’s as well). This one just happens to be fully digitized.

For what it is worth.

Paul Butler


Unfortunately, this is unavailable to those of us outside the US:

Because of differences in international copyright laws, access is also restricted for users outside the United States to works published outside the United States after and including 1879.

Would someone kind be able to send me a copy?


Only members of partner institutions (it’s a University of Michigan holding) can download pdf copies of the book. If you want to view it online I suggest a VPN.


I used a VPN, grabbed all the pages, and I’ve reassembled them into PDFs. If anyone else wants a copy, send me a message!


woah nice! Can you send a copy to me too?


Very interested too, if that’s ok?


Wow, could I get the notations too? I’ve been looking for something like this! :smile:


Hi! If it is not too much trouble, could I get a copy too?

Best, Rama!