Loose Zagane


Hey guys, do you know if this is a huge issue? My zagane is stuck on the handle and it comes out of the neck. I am able to tighten the string without any issues though so I’m. Thinking to use a little bit of wood glue to keep the zagane in place. Any info is greatly appreciated!


The zagane are mainly there for two reasons - one is that it keeps keep the wood from wearing, but really it’s particularly there for looks :stuck_out_tongue:
It shouldn’t be a huge issue, and if the wood glue works, all the better.


Thanks! Kyle pretty much said the same. Time to get sticky!!!


Any time! Best of luck :smiley:


I wonder if crazy glue (carefully applied so as to not get any on the itomaki) might work better than wood glue.


I am on holidays, far away from my shamisen. I think Gorilla glue will be the winner. I will let you all know how it went.


Update on the Zagane! I used a light coating of Gorilla Glue and it worked like a charm! Catherine, you are absolutely right about not using the wood glue as it doesn’t bind all too well to metal. :slight_smile:

Cheers everyone!


great to hear that it worked out!


excellent idea, the gorilla glue.