my first Neo!


you’ve made very good looking neos.


Thank you. Had a feeling they would traditionally be made of silk, but I wasn’t completely sure. Now to find a silk rope…


could always make some kumihimo cord if you wanted something with a bit of wow?


j’ai essayé 1 000 fois avec la video sur youtube et … rien , je n’y arrive pas. très très difficile à faire !!


d’accord :slight_smile:


et pourtant, c’est seulement un nœud …


Don’t forget ‘reverse engineering.’ Untie a commercial neo slowly to see how it is made. Personally, I have kind of taken them for granted–just buy it at the shamisen shop! Very interesting post!


my first neo, … a little big but I managed to do it!


Nice!! Great work, Angus! That is the correct way to tie it! You can shorten the loops and feed the excess rope out from the end. :slight_smile:


thank you Kyle ! I saw you on youtube and I learned to make a neo. I watched the video … 1 000 time (lol) and I practiced a lot of times and, finally, I managed to make one ! I will buy something smaller to make another one, and smaller too… haha



so I guess it’s my fault if you had no idea but got it after watching the video 1000 times I will just need to catch up with the count :slight_smile:


thank you, not easy to make but when you understood the node, you can make it. you must look more and more and you will understand, sure ! be patient !


… why not a new knot ? ^^"


Im full of admiration! Ive been thinking about trying but couldnt pluck up the courage,and took the cowards way out and bought one.


Chinese flower knot multiplied by 3 loops…using heavyweight hiking boot decorative shoelace trying to replace worn neo!