my first Neo!


Hi Bachido !

I know this post is useless , but i needed to share my happiness with you !
I just bought 4 meters of rope , so i tried to tie a neo , i tried several times and finally made it !

My hand hurts like hell , and i still have a lot of work to do to make good looking neo and i should try a real rope , this is elastic cord and i guess it’s not the best thing to use . All i need now is a shamisen and some strings :smiley: !


I went to a local boating store cause I knew they would have various ropes as for thickness and design and and that they would know whether a rope was elastic or not cause I figured I would want a non elastic one . . . as for my own knots I just did a combination of basic “eight” knots connected side by side to have three loops . . . why? cause Kyle still has not honored the request I made on even more than one occasion to cover a neo how to in a bachido blogcast :slight_smile:

so should you be able to do a video earlier that would be awesome and anyway congrats on that good looking knotting :slight_smile:


ha good advice , i really need to find a good rope , you’re right , elastic ones are not the best thing to use as neo , but this was the only thing they had in the store , and i knew it was just to practice .

I don’t really see what you mean by the eight knots loop but if it works it’s ok :slight_smile: , about the blogcast , i used this video to help me

And everything went ok , unfortunatley i haven’t got anything to shoot video here but if i can film someday i’de love to help . Thank you , i already made another one with the same rope to practice !


whatever I just tried to get three loops and succeeded somehow and think the knots are called “eight” knots in german language . . . unfortunately the links on my profile page to pictures are currently not working though I need to find and upload them again after I have reorganized my webspace . . .

I am aware of that video and tried to follow it earlier but it was not obvious enough to me I guess I need one that starts with a straight piece of rope being picked up and some talking along the way too or I won’t be sure to understand it :slight_smile:


This is far too ambitious for me to want to even attempt. I salute you; it looks great!


thank you , but really it’s not that hard to do , just need some patience :slight_smile: !


looks like a japanese clover knot with more than one pass of thread…now i have to go dig out my japanese craft books to compare XD

well done, looks good


They look great!


thanks ! but i really need a lot of work to achieve this :


You seem to have the basic technique down though. Also, you clearly have the patience, it’s only gonna get better :slight_smile:


I’m absolutely looking forward to this but am absolutely too lazy to start before a good enough tutorial is around that makes it clear even to me . . . guess I need a neo for dummies video . . . anyway gives me time to get into learning some basic nautical knots first always wanted to know at least some of them by heart too . . . and for whatever reason I find it fun to have a nice piece of rope and do some knots and a thin piece of rope fits inside a pocket and can be carried for wherever practice sessions . . .


Great work Florian!!! It looks great! :smiley: The “knotty” part of the knot looks perfect, and you can adjust the ropes to remove excess rope from the nakagosaki loop and ito tails. Truly, it is a very difficult knot. I tried to do it a few weeks ago, and took 5 attempts to succeed.

Bernhard, my apologies, I forgot to explain. I had filmed a neo tying segment for the blogcast (to honor your request :slight_smile: ), but it ended up being just as confusing. Luke suggested that I do it properly by also making a step-by-step sketch PDF thing to include with it, as well as multiple views (almost like a crash course). So, I decided to wait and do it properly. Truly, the version I made a few weeks ago wasn’t any better than the original video. It is a challenging knot, even if you know how to make it. (I suck at making knots, so it could be especially hard for me)


If you get really skilled, perhaps it can be a little side business (or as I say, “bid’ness”). :slight_smile: When you make a finalized version, I’ll show Masahiro to see if he wants to sell them.


Thanks Kyle , i still have a lot of work to do and a lot of skill to get, but i wonder if i took the right length of rope , i took 1 meter 80 cm , was it 1 meter 8 cm ? that’s why i have such a long piece of cord in the end and i really need to try it on a real shamise before i can say “ok this is the right length and right knot” .

How does look the knot you are talking about ? i dont think i’ve ever seen one.
Well that would be wonderfull , but it will take me some times to be satisfied with what i do , i still really need your video to tie the knot, i always fail when i try to do it by myself :smiley: ! One day i will succeed haha !


oh thanks for considering this so seriously I think that would be totally awesome to have a blogcast with a pdf attached to it if needed or anyway happy that you have that on your list and looking forward to the whole thing in whatever form whenever feasible thanks . . .


Florian: Well, it sure looks legit and you have more than enough cord. You just need to take the extra slack out of the nakagosaki loop and ito tails. That can all be done without taking apart the knot. :slight_smile:

BH: Indeed. The goal is to make it awesome as possible! :slight_smile:
Oh! By the way, Masako and I were walking in Sapporo station and we came across a store that proudly stocked cans of Izzo beans! I actually thought about buying you a can and sending it to you. :slight_smile: Now I kinda feel lame that I didn’t send you one, but hopefully the thought is flattering. :slight_smile:


since I owe you a coffee I can live with this story and say thanks for flattering thought :slight_smile:


What are traditional neo ropes made of? I’m restoring an old Dan Sen into a shamisen and would like to make a neo for it.


oh I see I already shared my boating store advice above :slight_smile: yeah I would like to know too is there a “shamisen” rope and if there is is it just called that or actually something special?


The traditional neo ropes are made of silk, I guess.
Nowadays nylon etc man-made-fibers are used, too.