My Strings keep breaking 🥺

It all started when my ni no Ito broke while tuning so I got a new one then it broke the second time I tuned it then broke again and again then now my san no Ito came loose.

Every time I tune my shamisen feels like a horror movie. Maybe I was too rough or rushed


If your strings frequently break you may have a rough spot on your koma, bachi, or kamigoma.
You may also be over-tightening or have old strings!

Please inspect your instrument and accessories for any sharp edges - and tell me where things are breaking.

I use to to over- tighten my strings resulting in breaks .

Which section of the string has the break been occuring? That may give some insight into the cause.

There was a dent on the kamigoma but luckily the issue has been resolved

Over-tighten? This has my attention because while I haven’t broken a string (what am I doing wrong? :sweat_smile:) I have wondered about the amount of tension required to reach tune. If the tuner is registering the correct tones (in my case mostly C-G-C) how do you know if it’s overly tightened? Is there a minimum string length?

well if it sounds correct and the tuner says its correct then dont keep tightening … LOL… I didnt have a tuner at some times and being a prepetual newbie I would keep twisting away …then snap …not sure about string length…

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