No videos to play in the new schoolhouse?

It looks like the site redesign is rolling out. Is anyone else having a problem viewing their course videos in the schoolhouse?

I tried three different courses (Ioanian Scale, Note Isolation Part 2 and Proper Form) and none of them have videos. I get a blank page, with the title at the top and the description and date at the bottom and an empty space where the video should be.

Is this happening to anyone else?

Hi Marilyn!

Ooops!! That’s not supposed to happen! :sweat_smile: Sorry about that! I’ll ask the web designer to look into it as soon as he can. Thank you for mentioning it!

Also, is the site running slow for you?

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Also, the original site is still temporarily available (at while the issues are being worked out. Feel free to go there to still access the videos and such. :slight_smile:

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I was able to access my videos, but I did have to change my password to login. And all my progress was lost. No big deal either way. Other than than, the site looks good, @Kyle_Abbott!

I changed my password but in the beginning the videos would not load no matter how long I waited. I had a blank space where they were clearly meant to be.

I tried earlier this afternoon and it looks like the site gremlins have been mostly dealt with. The lesson videos are back and pages are loading much more quickly. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s Kyle’s official thread if you spot any other issues or want to tell him how fabulous he is :grin::

Oh good!! Yes, Bijan (the web designer and himself a Bachido member and shamisen rocker!) found the issue with both the speed and the missing videos - there were two plugins which were conflicting with each other. For some reason it wasn’t a problem at all in the testing server. :sweat_smile:

If all goes well, the site will get even faster soon!

Glad it’s working for you too, @Chris !

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