Ozashiki Asobi Pieces


Hello Bachido fellas,

I’ve been asked to play shamisen for an event with a theme including geisha et tea. I do not know much pieces used for games by maiko and geisha other than Konpira Fune Fune for which I already have the music notation but I am looking for some suggestions and mostly notation for it.

I came across some titles and videos on Google but I can’t find any notation of these titles.

Here is the list of what I found:

  • Tora Tora Tora (a drinking game with a screen and gestures for Tiger, old woman and something else)
  • Kitune Ken
  • Tosenkyo (Game with a fan)
  • Kakyu ken (Played in Kyoto but I didn’t had any details about the game and no videos)
  • Osaka Jime (Closing song that everyone would sing together)

If you have any notation for this kind of pieces it would be really helpful. I will need to let them know by the end of this week if I can attend the event or not and I would not have enough time to order the notation from Japan and get it on time to learn all the pieces before the event.

If you can send me any notation for this kind of pieces, it would be really appreciated.
You can also send the notation by e-mail to info@mtlshamisenproject.com

Thanks in advance for your help everyone!