Question about shamisen piezo pickup


Can you use the pickup on the beginner shamisen? There doesn’t appear to be any place you would clip it. And do you have to cut a hole in the skin? 'cause I really am not into damaging my shamisen.


A pickup can be used on any string instrument. You can place a pizeo under the strings, but I really recommend you have some form of synthetic skin on the dou, or else you’ll have to replace the pickup as with natural skin, breaking is inevitable


The one I bough for my nagauta 2-3 years ago was fixed with some kind of double faced tape on bottom part of the dou, next from the neo…


Ah that’s a good idea. Can you recommend a good double sided tape?


I no longer have it so it is hard for me to make a conclusion. It fell but the wire broke to so I decided to remove it once and for all.

The white plastic dot is still on the skin and it will have to wait for kawahari before it disappear from this shamisen definitely.

Maybe my tape wasn’t good enough so you can always try it and see by yourself.