Scary/eery shamisen pieces?


Not really sure how to describe what I’m looking for, but I suppose sort of melancholic, old/scary/eery atmospheric songs… Something that evokes a sort of empty, desolate feeling, or maybe a yokai/yuurei sort of vibe.

Already tried researching some, but wasn’t really able to find anything of note except for this:

And this:


How about the first part of this (before the 2:00 minute mark)?


Yeah, that’s the kind of stuff I’m looking for! Thanks!


This one seems borderline “dark”, but YMMV


The Yoshida Brothers did a version of “Nabbed” from the “Nightmare Before Christmas” soundtrack on an album called “Nightmare Revisited”.


And I just happened to listen to this on the way into work this morning. A little on the eery side. Not so scary, though.


I feel like the soundtrack to this might be helpful, but I cannot find the movie anywhere. :cry:


I did some digging but couldn’t find it either… :sob: