Shamiboy Experience?

Has anyone tried out the Shamiboy made by Komatsuya? It seems similar to the Shabo (though pricier) that used to be for sale here, but with sawari possibility (which is very appealing) and they seem to ship internationally.

Not financially able to get anything at the moment, but would like to know if anyone has played this and if so, if they found the sound more shamisen-like than a sanshIn or gottan.

Wow, that’s a high price. :stuck_out_tongue: I assume the sawari is what increases the cost significantly.
I’ve never used one myself, but I’m guessing it sounds similar to the Shabo.

A little Bachido teaser: I’m currently working on producing a similar kind of entry-level shamisen, but with a curved body (unlike the flat rectangular shape), evenly rounded neck and Hibiki skin. If all goes well, it should be $100 cheaper than that ShamiBoy.

Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

Will patiently wait and see what you come up with!

I bought the shabo Deluxe last summer for my workshops and I was disapointed by the quality.
Then, I attended the Bachcamp in St-Louis where I could try the Shamibuddies from Kyle.

Ended up buying 4 and now my participants can try them before buying one :wink:

But the sound of Kyle’s Shamibuddies is a tad louder than the Shabo deluxe and the intruments are also more solid.