ShamiCamp: California!

In March 2016, ShamiCamp continues to bring shamisen enthusiasts around the world together for learning and bonding with three stringed passion! Prepare your shamisen, come join us in this eye-opening three-day adventure in California!

What happens in ShamiCamp? Take a look at scenes from our first ShamiCamp in Tokyo!

You won’t want to miss the exciting line up of instructors!
Featured Instructors:
Masahiro Nitta (Sapporo, Japan)
Reigen Fujii (Tokyo, Japan)
Kevin Kmetz (Misawa, Japan)
Mike Penny (Los Angeles, CA)
Ten Ten (Toronto, Canada)
Kyle Abbott (Santa Cruz, CA)

Friday: 11am-7pm
Saturday: 11am-7pm
Sunday: 11am:7pm
(Instructor/student recital on Sunday evening)

Extremely Limited Seating!
ShamiCamp can only accommodate 30 participants per day, so if you love shamisen and are ready to take part in this exciting and unique shamisen camp, get your Day Pass(es) ASAP!

Day Pass: $100 (equivalent to $16/workshop)
Passes will become available soon. In the meantime, please RSVP via the Facebook Event page! -

The exact dates and schedules will be announced soon, so stay tuned and excited for ShamiCamp: California!

Bachi on!!
Kyle Abbott
Founder of Bachido & ShamiCamp

*Information subject to change

I’ll continue stalking the forums everyday to make sure I can get my ticket :wink:

That’s the spirit! :smiley:
But don’t worry, Calvin. I’ll make sure you get a spot. :slight_smile:

Wow, I want to go! But I’m a complete newbie. Should I wait?


Definitely come, Jessica! In this ShamiCamp, we are planning to have lessons/instruction for both beginners and advanced players. So please come! :slight_smile:

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend taking the free Crash Course on Bachido, so you can get the basics under your belt. :slight_smile: -

Jessica, there was a guy who came to the camp in Japan and he bought his shamisen 2 or 3 weeks before. He didn’t know how to play and he came to the camp and learned some interesting things.

Don’t be scared about it. It will be an awesome experience, I promise you!

Wow, I want to go! But I’m a complete newbie. Should I wait?

If you train ~5 hours a week, you’ll reach Intermediate level in 6 months. At that point you’d derive lots of benefit from the teaching, I would think.

I’m sure eg. Mike and Kyle can come up with lessons that are fairly easy even for somewhat new players to follow. It’s pretty much a must if they want to catch the interest of fresh players for the events.

Consider the benefits of live training. In the first few months, you’ll burn through some Bachido videos, probably learn a few songs more or less - but likely there’s a few things you’re unsure of, and mistakes in your technique that are not covered in the videos or forum discussions. Do you have other sources for immediate feedback?

Then again, you don’t have to buy flight tickets to the US so you could go no matter what.

A big reason to go is to get to meet all the interesting people - from around the world, from just starting out to world class player.

If you train ~5 hours a week, you’ll reach Intermediate level in 6 months. At that point you’d derive lots of benefit from the teaching, I would think.

I’d love to do that, but I’m recovering from carpal tunnel surgery right now–I don’t have enough strength to turn the itomaki. :frowning:

In any case, I’m planning on going :slight_smile:

6 workshops per day? Seems there’s been a few adjustments based on the experiences of the previous Shamicamp.

If private lessons are being offered again, one strategy could be to skip some days of workshops and do a bunch of private lessons. Assuming you can figure out what you really need.

Rock an Roll!

Hey everyone! Just want to let everyone know that all the latest information about ShamiCamp is here! -

Bachi on!!

Will the 1-hour Beginner Crash Courses be offered every day (Fri, Sat, Sun) during the San Jose Shami-Camp?

Hi Glenn! I’ll write you via email. :slight_smile:

What days and times are the beginner crash courses being taught? Are we assigned a time and date? Four in our family have signed up and want to arrange our work schedules.

Hi Barbara! Thank you for getting your tickets! Let me send you an email to arrange the time to your schedule. :slight_smile:

Question for everyone participating that have to fly there. How are you all bringing your shamisen to California? I was thinking of putting my dou in my carry-on and use my pack case as checked in luggage with that sao in it.

That’s the way to do it, Calvin! :slight_smile: Safe and efficient.

Never had issues with lost luggage? Kinda scary to think of only having my dou at the shamicamp :slight_smile:

Ah… What about taking apart your sao and putting your whole shamisen in the carryon? Then, if your luggage gets lost, at least your most important possession is still with you! :slight_smile: