Shamisen in Japan


Hello, I am currently in Japan. Is it possible to buy the beginner’s shamisen from Bachido in Japan somewhere? If not, is it possible to go to where they are made and buy one there? I am a student and am only able to pay around that amount… but really want to try :slight_smile:


@Kyle_Abbott Will be able to better answer your question - but I know the answer is yes!

The store on this website is primarily oriented towards U.S. shipping or similar, international destinations. It’s possible to order from it to Japanese local destinations, but I think Kyle has to do some manual editing for shipping and such.

If you take a gander below:

This is the bachido warehouse site! It’s angled at the Japanese-local customer base.

Alternatively, you could look at

This is a shop local to my area that may also be able to help you.


Thanks for your question, Amanda, and thanks for your reply, Christopher! :slight_smile:
Yes indeed! The shamisen are made and shipped from Japan. While we don’t have a store front there, we can ship one to your address in Japan.

What’s more, if you happen to be in Tokyo or Ibaraki, my partner might even be able to hand deliver it to you, if he has time. :slight_smile:



Thank you both for replies :slight_smile:

I will actually be in Tokyo from 5 -19 august !! That sounds awesome if possible.

Would you happen to know how to transport it back to Denmark? :rofl: will they charge me extra fees?


Oh great! That will work then! :smiley:
All you’ll have to do is order the shamisen with the paypal link on the site (I can refund the shipping costs afterwards), email me with any information about a shipping address (or which area of Tokyo you can easily meet) and we can proceed from there! :slight_smile:

The neck of the shamisen separates into three pieces (he’ll probably hand/ship it to you in a small box), so it can easily be either brought on board or checked in. As far as the extra fees go, that depends on how strict they are about checking for taxable goods. :wink:


Hello again, I just looked at the site again to order, but the costs were a little more than expected since I also need the strings and the other beginner stuff and also wish not to use animal products. I will need to save a little more before I am able to invest. :slight_smile: but thanks for all the help. I will definitely return.

Outlook til Android


Hi all!,
This is actually my first post, but I am currently living in Japan for the foreseeable future, and I found a quality store in the Tokyo area called Kameya Hougakki. They Have an online shop as well, and while their Shamisen are also typically on the pricy side, I managed to pick up a second hand Jiuta Shamisen for a manageable price. The staff was helpful, and at least one gentleman spoke english well enough to help me out without forcing me to flex my green Japanese language skills.

You can check them out here (, if it’s not too late. For directions, click the tab that says “access”

To wrap up this post, the walls of my apartment are pretty thin, and I would like to practice without disturbing my neighbors. Does anyone else live in Japan, and/or a similar situation? How do you deal with this this?

Thanks for all the help! I’m really enjoying this instrument!


Kameya is well known here! They’re pretty standard as pricing goes, shamisen are generally expensive.

As for your trouble:

Invest in a shinobi koma and learn to play very gently. Alternatively, karaoke box.


Thanks! I actually had not thought of a Karaoke box. Are most establishments good with patrons bringing instruments?