Shamisen Katoh contact



I’m in Japan for a very short period and have always wanted to go and have been a massive fan of Shamisen music for years. I’ve found a few Shamisen shops but Shamisen Katoh seems like the only shop accessible using the JR Pass.

I’ve emailed Katoh san via a week ago, I have also just now emailed him again with a different email address just in case I ended up in Spam.

But wanted to ask if anyone knows if his shop is open on a Monday and whether I have to order the shamisen i want to buy before i visit?

and if anyone is close with him and could reach out?

I’m in Japan for a week but only passing Tokyo before I fly home so ultimately I have only one day to buy my Shamisen.

I’m looking to buy a Tsugaru Shamisen with Synthetic/Plastic where it would apply (I don’t want with skin/bone)

Any help appreciated!


Hi and welcome.

Katoh is closed on sunday and on public holiday (定休日:日曜・祝祭日). It opens at 10 am and closes at 7 pm. Lucky man who is about to buy a shamisen !


Thanks! I’ve managed to get in contact with him :slight_smile: Hopefully I can order online and pick it up on the one day I’m there. :slight_smile:


Hi Charlie,
Did you buy the shamisen at Shamisen Katoh’s? I’d like to visit his shop next November when I’m going to be in Tokyo for two weeks.