Shamisen Summer Camp! The Great Memories from last week!


Hey Bachido! So last week was the Awesome Summer Shamisen camp/ workshop and gathering event! I got to teach alongside Mike Penny and the incredible Reigen Fujii! Additionally I was thrilled to work with, Jam with and witness such Amazing players as Tanaka Yumiko, Asano Sho, Jack Matsumoto, Oyama Yutaka and of course one of my all time heroes Hanawa Chie!

I’m currently in the middle of uploading the mountain of clips I took all throughout last week!
But I figured I’d give you all a head’s up as I have already begun getting some clips up which include a Rap Battle between myself and Mike Penny (plus our attempt to seduce the audience into a night of passionate love making with our classic original tune titled “Agree to have Sex with us!” I’ve also included Tanaka Yukiko’s wacky Prepared Shamisen performance and the greatest moment of my Shamisen career (my Jam Session with the lovely Hanawa Chie)

Plus many more!

All the action is here and there is much much more to come !!!
Keep checking back as I will be uploading new clips throughout next week or so!


Niiiice…you guys surely had a great time and I wished I could have joined the party, too. maybe next time, who knows.
Keep the videos coming Kyle!



Haha and after noticing some pictures on facebook looking forward to clips thanks for making and sharing thrm …


Gonna watch em all Kevin. Looks like you guys had a blast! Just watched the Hanawa Chie vid and you guys generated some dope stuff man!


OMG Tanaka Yumiko was there? Can’t face so much epicness all at once so I will watch those two clips later already watched all the other (also epic) ones . . . :slight_smile:


Yes! Tanaka Yumiko was truly Entertaining and Awesome! She was my favorite part of the whole Shamisen camp. I think she might have inspired many us more so then other instructors who were focusing on a lesson and notes and stuff. She just came in and was like “Screw it!” and went off on her acrobatic routine of tossing the Bachi into the air and turning the Shamisen upside down while still playing etc. I think the most compelling part of Tanaka Yumiko is that she so obviously has all that Gidayu stuff down and is clearly a highly accomplished traditional performer and musician but then she basically just doesn’t give a &¥@%#! She was like "Oh yes…I like to drag an extra string through the Shamisen to make a creepy starchy noise and I like to rub empty silver ashtrays and various utensils across the strings because it’s funny! "
Anyway both Mike Penny and I got to have a jam session with her during the Shamicamp which was like an epic nonsense experimental jam session! Good times!


P.s. oh I just put up a few more vids and will be doing more later today when I have some extra time!


This one is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE. Picked up so many neat tricks from there! :smiley:


She was like "Oh yes…I like to drag an extra string through the Shamisen to make a creepy starchy noise…

Awesome! “String scratching” was my specialty when I was first learning shamisen many years ago… just ask Kyle! (He hated it…) :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha! I just realized I seem to have misspelled scratchy as starchy ! Haha!


As I mentionned in a previous post, this ShamiCamp was Shamigasmic!

But after my little experience with my bachi at Vancouver Airport, watching the way Mike is holding his bachi in the video posted by Yvonne, I have shivers.

Mike, could you refine your technique a little so it doesn’t look like an Ice Scraper?


The rap battle was seriously the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
It was even posted on my birthday.
I want to cry.


Haha! Grant! You were the reason that Rap Battle happened in the first place! G Rhymer!


Now I’ve seen it too. Great stuff!


Summer isn’t over yet, still a good time to post some videos. Don’t know where I can upload them, so I have only torrent magnet links.
Hanawa Chie
Oyama Yutaka
Uehara Junnosuke
Asano Sho
Tanaka Yumiko
Fuji Reigen
Kevin Kmetz
Mike Penny

And the taikai performances.

Each thing is around 8gb and 1h long, no editing except splitting into scenes, framing can be poor as the camera was unmanned. So maybe somebody is willing to edit them and then put somewhere, like youtube? (sorry for being too lazy myself…)

Edit: hidden the links, will send via private messages on request


D-:!! Oh nuts, I just finished editing the video from ShamiCamp and uploaded it. :frowning: I would’ve loved to use some of your footage in there too! Later on, I’ll probably be making another promotional video for the purpose of getting sponsors/grants to bring the instructors around the world for camps. When I do, would you mind if I used some of your footage?

Also, would it be to send the links privately? Small clips are okay, but because people (like you) paid to attend ShamiCamp, I would prefer if complete footage wasn’t public on youtube. You know, just to keep it special for now. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Dmitry!


Makes sense. Dropped the links from previous post.
This is bachido footage, it exist to be used for bachido videos and whatnot :slight_smile:

Also it’d be great to match taikai records with the performers and send it to them, but it requires some labour. I also think on one or two records the performer isn’t in the frame at all so I didn’t include these yet.


Thanks, Dmitry! :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, that would be awesome to edit together footage from the taikai! I I have footage from the camera that was on the right side (semi-front facing), so I can edit together any footage that wasn’t in frame on your camera.


Kyle, I can send you the files of vids I took. Most are already up on YouTube but if you want the raw files etc just let me know bro!


Awesome! Yeah, that would be great, Kevin! Thank you!