Shamisen tablature

Hey guys and gals!

Quick question: The black dots on the end of each line of shamisen tab. What are they? I thought it was to signal the end of a measure, but each one is on a different string. Any one know?

Thank you!

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Hm not sure all I can think of at the moment is a black dot on a line can mean a pause or two dots (one above the other) in combination with a bold vertical line or so do indicate that measures in between such symbols should be repeated

Thank you so much! We assumed it was a ‘rest’ but we weren’t sure because each one was on a different string.

Hello Elizabeth and welcome!

If you follow the crash course Kyle’s made the two types are explained. As BH says black dots are used for pauses and repeating.

I think it’s in these videos:

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This topic made me think I never understood the difference between those 2 kinds of rests : Is there a sensei here ? Thanks !

Intéressant! J’imagine que c’est pour indiquer la durée du silence mais je n’ai jamais vu le deuxième avant aujourd’hui.

Thank you! Is there a name for this black dot notation?