Shamisen type identification


Hello All

Need help in identifying the shamisen type:
I am 98% sure what this is tsugaru from the itomaki, azumi and skin protector as well as the skin width on the body. Please see photos attached: press on the photos to see the whole photo


Hi there.

Without dimensions, it’s impossible to identify a shamisen accurately. While it can be relatively easy to pick some of the more extreme examples of hosozao or futozao out with very little reference, because of the spectrum of sizes that exist exact measurements are necessary for the majority of examples.

So I’ll tell you what I can see, but I suggest you find out details before buying.

The instrument you have linked has an en sawari, a jiuta style neck, and a bachigawa typically (but not exclusively) used on tsugaru instruments.

The gomu is in a position more consistent with tsugaru posture than other types.

The Sao ends in a wood rather than metal tip.

The tenjin cap seems to have 20.5 written on it. This is a middling size. The range runs from 19.5-23.

Again, with no measurements it’s impossible to identify it concretely - but I have some doubts that it’s a tsugaru. It reminds me very heavily of the kouki chuuzao I have upstairs. Big for a middle neck, but still smaller than a futozao.

I could be wrong though. Hit me back with dimensions later, if you would.


Thanks Christopher

Unfortunately I do not have dimensions.
Yes, you right, it can be Chuuzao size instrument.
The koma is bamboo and looks like tsugaru as well.
Also, I have photo of bachi as well:
It might be re-purposed minyou shamisen as well like the one here:

On the listing it mistakenly marked as Hosozao.
Owner has no idea what type of the instrument he is selling and he says so straight forward :sunglasses: