Shamisen Vancouver - Canada?


I’m a huge fan of your videos, Kyle, and was excited to see you put this web-resource together - it is a HUGE benefit to us Shamisen Enthusiasts! I have been obsessed with the Shamisen since I first heard it and now that I know it’s not an infatuation I have been desperately seeking to purchase one.

I figured that because I live in a city in Canada’s west coast with a hugh Japanese influence it would be easy… not so, alas! My contacts and networking has turned up nothing north of Seattle.

So, I was wondering if anyone frequenting these forums was aware of any resources I may not have discovered north of the border - my Japanese is rusty and if I visit again now I won’t come back for a few months at least!

Thanks in advance and I look forward to being a part of the growing community!

Well, there’s always (First, I freely confess to a conflict of interest :-D. And second, since other members have kindly mentioned Chords’ name in this forum for a while now, I figure I may as well be the one to do it this time, since I’m Canadian, Chords is Canadian (shipping globally, fyi), and you specifically asked for a Canadian resource.)

Chordscanada is a great place to get shamisen. Also, Masahiro Nitta has tsugaru shamisen available through Bachido at all price ranges. Though the web store isn’t up yet, both Masahiro and I are able to do business. If you are interested in seeing what Masahiro has available, please write me a PM. We can customize your order specifically to what you are wanting.

Thanks for the replies! I am going to order your book any day here, Kyle, and hopefully get some more money here soon to get my starter Shamisen asap!

Hey Scott, did you find a shamisen yet? I come to Vancouver all the time to visit my folks so we should meet up and play!