Share your music

I would like to see more people sharing their music here. I am really interested in what people are doing, it doesn’t matter if it is perfect or not.

There’s not many people doing this kind of thing!

So please, share your music.

far away from being perfect, but with just one reply so far i’ll share the very first song i’m able to play reasonably:

This music is excellent

Having some fun on the roof XP

Awesome! Rooftop viking shami jamz!!

Here is my version of Yasaburo Bushi. It is a haunting melody (when professionals play it).
I bought the lesson from this website and in my opinion it is the best way one can learn a new song. Thanks Kyle!

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Hi! Actually I’d like to share a multicultural version of the jiuta “kurokami”, without shamisen
It came like… I was planning to do a strange collaboration with Ador Hooyar, Persian tambur player/poet/mystic music composer… but he didn’t see my invite on smule, even if we talked earlier on WhatsApp… suddenly a girl joined the poem, and we had something really strange, but mystic, at the same time. Hope you wouldn’t hate her voice黒髪/1000402095_2224567471