Share your music


I would like to see more people sharing their music here. I am really interested in what people are doing, it doesn’t matter if it is perfect or not.

There’s not many people doing this kind of thing!

So please, share your music.


I try to get familiar with my shamisen day by day and I’ve come to find that it is a great and variable instrument. And like the good little slav I am, I had to do some classic tunes.

BUT I have to figure out the recording parameters or buy a piezo pickup, because the sound of the sawari and the percussive striking just comes out as noise and annoying droning when I record it.
I hope you enjoy anyway. a sudecky lullaby some sorbic tune, also inspiration for wilcza zamiec. Base tune of Katyusha, please turn down the volume a little. and a piece for Guqin to soothe your ears a little after all that.


far away from being perfect, but with just one reply so far i’ll share the very first song i’m able to play reasonably:


This music is excellent


Having some fun on the roof XP


Awesome! Rooftop viking shami jamz!!


Here is my version of Yasaburo Bushi. It is a haunting melody (when professionals play it).
I bought the lesson from this website and in my opinion it is the best way one can learn a new song. Thanks Kyle!


Hi! Actually I’d like to share a multicultural version of the jiuta “kurokami”, without shamisen
It came like… I was planning to do a strange collaboration with Ador Hooyar, Persian tambur player/poet/mystic music composer… but he didn’t see my invite on smule, even if we talked earlier on WhatsApp… suddenly a girl joined the poem, and we had something really strange, but mystic, at the same time. Hope you wouldn’t hate her voice黒髪/1000402095_2224567471