skype shamisen lessons?


Hi there… Wondering if anyone can point me to a shamisen teacher who teachers via skype, English or Japanese…

Thank you!


Hello there, here is your resource.



you are actually already on a website where you can do this. with several teachers. When I remember correctly you can simply go on “school”, read about the teachers and then contact them. :slight_smile:


Just send a message to Kevin Kmetz, the Godfather of modern Shamisen. He’s a great teacher over the net.


Thank you, Martina (for the teacher information)


I’m not interested in lessons, but I am curious about the contact way, since I didn’t see any contact button on Toshi’s site


Unfortunately some of the staff here don’t respond to requests for lessons or are generally too busy it seems to actually do them. Which is fine and understandable as I’m sure they have busy lives. Absolutely love everything else about this site. So I’m looking further for weekly Skype lessons. I’ll give yoshi San a shot. Many thanks!


Robert, did you read my PM ?


Robert, are you looking specifically for Tsugaru shamisen lessons? And lessons only by Skype? (Because there are teachers of various styles of shamisen not too far from you…)