Starting a Shamisen Club?

I’ve been playing shamisen at some local festivals and am routinely asked is there is a shamisen club in my area (being Vancouver, BC). I’m wanting to start a shamisen club. I’m well connected with the Japanese Canadian community and have had success with grants before. However, I need at least 10 members in the Vancouver, BC that would be able to attend such a group… maybe once a month? More if it’s popular.

Any in the Vancouver area who is interested?
~ Takahide

Hi Takahide,
That’s a great idea! I would be interested in joining if you decide to start a club. Once a month sounds good to start with.


Thanks Bassguy,
I’ll bring that up with Nikkei place. I’m in talks with them.


I am super interested! I live in Cowichan Bay but I come to Cancouver often to visit my parents. I’ve been playing for 4 years, maybe longer but last year I took a hiatus due to work.
Please let me know when you wish to meet up and I’ll do my best to join you!


Ps, you can also email me at