Starwars tabs or school house lessons

Hi, this is my first post here. I’ve been taking lessons for a couple months and have purchased a couple of bachcido lessons as well. I would like to get some tabs for the Starwars theme, or even better would be a school house lesson for it in the near future. I’ve seen Kevin kmetz’s videos on tube playing it but I’m not good enough to work it out by ear.

Hey Scott , that’s a cool idea! I might have to make a lesson video for that. In the meantime if you send me a PM w/ your regular e mail address I can send you a tab version of the arrangement that is on YouTube.

Wow that was fast. Thanks very much, I’ve sent you my email address.

Hey Kevin, can I get the tab for that as well?

Thank you Kevin, your awesome.

Calvin, if you haven’t already send me your regular e mail address and I’ll send a photo copy.

Kevin – can you send me a tab of star wars too? Thanks Dave

I feel like a lemming, but they’re cool right!?!
Kevin could I get a copy of those tabs as well?


Kevin - could I get them too? All the more songs to practice out!

Hey everyone! Just got back from an out of town trip. Too lazy to shuffle through my mail (outbox etc.) so could you all just tell me here who I have not yet sent this to? Thanks!

Hi Kevin! Welcome back. I’ve not gotten it yet. Thanks!

Me too!

We should send a petition to Disney that they hire Kevin to make tabs for the whole OST of the latest episode :slight_smile:

Oh shucks! Sorry people. Will get to this today!

Ok I sent these out the other day. Once again… Did I miss anybody?

Can u pls send it to me as well thanks

Oh I would also love these tabs! Any chance you can also send them to me?