Teachers near Kanagawa Prefecture


Hey all! Brand new player here. I’ve been using the Bachido school videos for about 4 days now, just getting a couple of hours of playing in after work; you know, before I drive my neighbors crazy.

Anyway I was wondering if there are still any teachers in or near the Kanagawa prefecture. I saw on some previous topics that there was a gentleman named Toshi nearby, but most of those posts were made a few years ago. The videos are great, and I’m still using them, but nothing beats good old fashioned one-on-one training. Bi-lingual would be ideal, since my Japanese is still pretty rudimentary, but I can learn faster (I hope) if the need arises.

Thanks again for any help. Most of my online searches are yielding store results, and nearly all of the schools are too far away for me to feasibly travel to them.