Teaching Tsugaru Shamisen


Hello everyone,

I have some questions about teaching Shamisen to somebody.
Recently a friend of mine asked me, if I could teach him playing and I said, why not. ^^)7"
But this is a first to me, so I would like to ask, if there is someone here in Bachido, who is teaching Shamisen professional or in private and is willing to share some tipps and experiences.

P.s. Please excuse my english, it is not my native language


If you have specific questions, I can try to help if you write me in private.

But I see you live in Germany and there is Berlin Shamisen over there. You should get your in touch with them, starting with Martina Kopp. Since they are German, you wouldn’t need to worry about your english proficiency with them.

But of course, if you can get answers from other people in the world, you would also be able to learn different methods so it would allow you to have a broader view on the question.