Transcribing scores to shamisen notation late 2019

To put it in summary,does anyone have some advice to transcribing scores to shamisen notation?

This thread is a few of years old but still relevant to your question:


:computer: If it’s software you’re looking for, this is what’s available at the moment:

For typesetting, I use professional software Finale since I use it for work. For regular notation, it is ok to do the work directly with the software. But for tab, transcribing any music is to ensure its playability. if you don’t know how it is played (I.e tuning, position, string, Bachi) then it’s best to transcribe along with playing the shamisen, make sure it is playable, pencil down the notation before typesetting it.
So in my experience, I basically learn most of the music while transcribing it.


Im having problems loading it in.So am I suppose to drag it as a file into the musescore app.I don’t know how to do this. I have this error which says cannot read

The best place to ask questions is probably over in the original thread so the plugin creator will see.

To get the plugin to work you double click on the executable file (musescore.exe) located in the “bin” folder and allow it permission to install. To see the examples, launch MuseScore > File > Open and select one of the files.

Note that if you’re running the most current version of MuseScore (3.4.something) the developer version required for the plugin is a downgrade.

Arcandius did a very nice job on this but keeping it current with MuseScore releases is a lot of work. Shamisen players should urge the MuseScore team to include it as a standard instrument going forward.

Check this out:

Wow this is actually amazing I shall look into this once I get the opportunity